Lives and works between Huesca and Barcelona.

BA Fine Arts, Universidad de Barcelona (UB)

Antonio keeps his eyes open and his hands in continuous movement. With a contagious energy when it comes to painting, he moves freely through the canvas. His creative process is a constant search for surprise. Some encounters are fortuitous, while others are created by the artist himself.

His compositions reveal a series of decisions that contain a history of effort, elimination and creation. This dynamism is a constant in his work. Antonio works intuitively with all the possibilities described, obtaining disconcerting results, even for him since he can hardly repeat the process, making his artistic experience unique and unrepeatable.

Gestural, superficial spontaneous strokes that capture the exploration rhythm. Antonio describes his process as the search for a painting, a record of new materials and brands that he performs bravely, as a stimulus reaction, a signal that shows him the way.

These encounters can occur at any time, within the study or outside of it. The things he sees on the streets become improvised inputs for his paintings. Found elements that act as catalysts for a new set of movements and methods.

Trance - Solo Show
Centro Cívico Estación del Norte (Zaragoza)

Encuentros casuales - Solo Show
Espacio Arte y Restauración (Huesca)

BAC! CCCB "The skin"
CCCB (Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona)

Colectiva Contemporánea
Galería Abartium

"Miguel González Sandoval"
Collective exposition LORA DEL RÍO (Sevilla)

Sala KGB
Collective exposition

Used cultural centre
Individual exposition Used city council

International Contest of Contemporary Art.

Artistic stay
Jaume Plensa
Support artist creation group

MNAC Barcelona
Planning team and exposition areas development